Good Samaritan Medical Center has an on-site Level II NICU which is staffed with the specialists your baby may need if intensive care is required. The entire NICU health care team works to provide some of the best care for sick or at-risk newborns, while they foster bonding with your baby. If your newborn needs special care, our NICU is located within our Birthing Center so that you’re never far away.

Babies treated in the NICU are infants who haven’t yet gone home from the hospital after being born. They’ve likely been born prematurely, experienced difficulties during their delivery or have signs of a problem very early on in their life.

Upon admittance, your baby will be cared for by our staff of dedicated and highly-trained nurses while our physicians will work delicately to diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. You will not be separated from your baby without first understanding why and for how long. You’ll also be allowed to visit with your baby during periods of recovery. While in the NICU, your baby will receive care tailored to their condition, including special feeding schedules, medications and tests.

To learn more about our Level II NICU talk with your doctor or call us at (561) 650-6023.

Meet Nina and Aydin

When her plans for a normal birth turned into an emergency c-section that left her son Aydin in the NICU for almost a week, Nina and her husband were both scared and overwhelmed.

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