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Telephone Directory

Hospital Main Number:  (561) 655-5511
Administration - 1st Floor:  (561) 650-6201
Admitting - 1st Floor:  (561) 650-6255
Case Management/Social Services:  (561) 650-6220
Centralized Scheduling:  (561) 650-6441
Comprehensive Breast Center (561) 671-7440
Diagnostic Center (561) 650-6176
Emergency Department: (561) 650-6309
Maternity Nurses Station - 2nd Floor:  (561) 650-6400
Medical ICU Nurses Station - 3rd Floor:  (561) 650-6360
Medical Records - 1st Floor: (561) 650-6281
Newbern - 5th Floor:  (561) 650-6339
Oncology Nurses Station - 4th Floor:  (561) 650-6374
PCU Nurses Station - 3rd Floor:  (561) 650-6330
Physician Referral:  (561)650-6023
Security:  (561) 671-7210 
Sleep Center: (561) 650-6011
Surgical ICU Nurses Station - 2nd Floor:  (561) 650-6350
Surgical Step-down:  (561)650-6101