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The Lilly Pulitzer VIP Experience at Good Samaritan Medical Center

Good Samaritan Medical Center is partnering with iconic resort wear brand, Lilly Pulitzer, creating the ultimate Palm Beach experience with the design of its new Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites and family waiting room.

The two VIP suites are redesigned with the signature Lilly Pulitzer aesthetic, to give new moms and their families a joyful and luxurious feel when they deliver their babies. The suites art and design elements have all been donated by Lilly Pulitzer.

Lilly Pulitzer VIP Suites Feature:

  • Hand-painted floral, ocean and jungle themed murals
  • Bedding and window coverings dressed in Lilly Pulitzer print fabrics
  • Coordinating décor
  • Concierge service
  • Fully renovated rooms
  • The waiting room and corridors are furnished with Lilly Pulitzer furnishings, décor and artwork
  • Waterfront views
  • VIP food and beverage menu
  • Lilly Pulitzer designer accessories for mother and baby
    • Robe
    • Swaddle set
    • Tote bag
    • And more

For more information and to book your room, please call 561-650-6386.

Pictures of the Lilly Pulitzer Birthing Suites:



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