Genetic Screening 

Your genes play a major role in how cancer develops. At Good Samaritan Medical Center, genetic screening plays an equally big role in treating your cancer. By learning about your genes, we can determine your risk for certain types of cancer, including colon cancer and ovarian. 

 What is genetic screening, exactly? 

The screening is actually made up of an investigative background of your family’s medical history and a blood test. You will be given a questionnaire that assesses your cancer risk factors. In combination with the questionnaire, your blood sample will be tested for gene mutations. 

 What are the benefits of genetic screening? 

Genetic screening enables a more precise diagnosis and can be used to determine if patients have a change or abnormality in their genes. 

You can learn more about the relationship between your genes and cancer by reading about it in our online Health Library.

Watch the interview with Conni Murphy, nurse practitioner, on the the genetic counseling program at the hospital and how it can help people who are predisposed for certain cancers.

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