Lilly Pulitzer birthing suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center drawing raves

Jan 4, 2022

By Jodie Wagner
Palm Beach Daily News

Brianna Potter was a fan of the Lilly Pulitzer fashion brand before she gave birth to her second child last summer in the new Lilly Pulitzer birthing suites at Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

But the town resident became an even bigger admirer of the iconic resort wear brand four months ago when her daughter Rose arrived.

"I'm more of a Lilly fan now because of what it symbolizes to me," said Potter, who wore a pink Lilly dress to an interview at the hospital Dec. 21.

Potter, whose 22-month-old son, William, also was born at Good Samaritan, spent a week in one of two remodeled Lilly Pulitzer birthing suites at the hospital.

Debuting this spring after a six-month renovation, the VIP suites feature hand-painted floral and ocean-themed murals, bedding and window coverings dressed in Lilly Pulitzer print fabrics, coordinating décor and waterfront views.

Patients also receive concierge service, a VIP food and beverage menu, and a matching Lilly Pulitzer swaddle set for mother and baby.

“Today’s families have a clear idea of what they want from their birthing experience, and Lilly Pulitzer represents Palm Beach luxury, comfort and quality, which are the same services we provide to families who deliver at our hospital,” said Sheri Montgomery, the Good Samaritan Medical Center CEO.

Lilly Pulitzer birthing suite room“We are excited to create a wonderful birthing experience for our patients with the newly designed suites by adding Lilly Pulitzer’s signature look.”

The partnership between Lilly Pulitzer and Good Samaritan began in early 2020 when the hospital was thinking of ways to freshen up its obstetrics unit, said Kelli Bergstrom, the hospital's clinical nurse manager for Women's Services.

The administration reached out to Lilly for design ideas, and the company agreed to collaborate on a redesign of the unit's two VIP birthing suites as well as the family waiting room.

“Lilly Pulitzer and Good Samaritan Medical Center share in common a commitment to serving the Palm Beach community, so it is a natural fit to collaborate on this opportunity,” said Michelle Kelly, Lilly Pulitzer's CEO. “We are looking forward to contributing to the artistry and design elements to bring an extra dose of color, joy and optimism to families spending their first moments together in this special place.”

The Lilly suites have been popular with new moms since they opened this spring, Bergstrom said, and there is a waiting list for some patients. "The phone's been ringing," she said. "There are plenty of online inquiries, and all those people who stayed in the room were very happy with it."

Lilly Pulitzer suiteAdvance reservations are required for the Lilly suites, and the hospital works to accommodate expectant moms who give birth early or require C-sections or lengthier stays. The suites cost $1,500 for the duration of a patient's stay, Bergstrom said, and the hospital does not take payment until the expectant mom is inside the room.

Reservations can be made online at or by calling 561-650-6386.

Potter said she made reservations for the Lilly suites as soon as she heard they had opened. Rose was born in the same room — before its redesign — where she gave birth to William nearly two years ago, and both experiences were ''incredible,'' she said.

"What I love about the room obviously is the view," she said. "While I was laboring, I was watching the sun rise over the island, and you don't get that at other hospitals. Having the spacious room, waterfront view and the concierge was a huge draw."

Potter also credited the nurses and hospital staff for making her feel comfortable and supported during both of her birth experiences.

Rose spent a week in the neonatal intensive care unit during a surge in COVID cases last summer, and Good Samaritan allowed Potter to stay in the Lilly suite until her daughter was released.

"I couldn't really come and go, and they extended the offer for me to stay here, which was wonderful," Potter said. "I was able to see her around the clock. It felt more like a hotel stay than a hospital stay."

Good Samaritan Medical Center is at 1309 N. Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach. For information, visit or call 561-655-5511.

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