Imagine a healthier you

Maybe you’re here for a regular visit, getting a checkup from one of our doctors. Maybe you’ve had a minor accident and arrived at our hospital with an injury. Or maybe your doctor referred you to a specialist.

Whatever the reason for your visit, you’ll soon discover that Good Samaritan Medical Center makes your health our top priority. We want to get you back on your feet so you can do what matters most—enjoy life.

Need to see a doctor? You can find the specialist that’s right for you with our online Find ​A Physician tool.

Patient first, at every stage

We’re here for you—your health, your surgery, your recovery, your prescriptions. What does that really mean, though? It means making things as smooth as possible.

It means you get to use ER Check-In Online, our online self-scheduling tool. That way, you can wait in the comfort of your home until your appointment instead of the waiting room.

It also means a lot more. But above all, it means our goal is to never stop focusing on you.

Where to go for treatment

Good Samaritan Medical Center offers convenience as well as attentive care. Whether you need to see an oncologist for ongoing cancer treatment, get a regular breast cancer screening or visit the emergency department, we have an incredible network of specialists and doctors available to manage health issues and answer any questions.

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We believe we provide the best care in Palm Beach County, but what matters is what you believe. Learn all about us so you can decide if we're right for you.

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Find out what you need to know to prepared for your visit.

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Find out what you need to know once you've left the hospital

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Nondiscrimination Notice and Language Assistance Services

Read about our Good Samaritan Medical Center Non Discrimination Notice and Language Assistance Services.