Same-Day Jaw Reconstruction where lives are being transformed for the better

Diseases and defects affecting the lower jaw can have a profound impact on one's quality of life. Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Jaw (CRJ) offers a revolutionary approach, involving the simultaneous replacement of missing jaw bone, teeth, and nerves. This groundbreaking technique optimizes recovery, enabling patients to regain their functionality far quicker than traditional multi-stage reconstructive methods.

Good Samaritan Medical Center, in collaboration with leading surgeons like Dr. Anastasiya Quimby, is pioneering a Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Jaw (CRJ) Program, offering hope and restoration to patients facing the daunting prospect of losing their jawbone due to trauma or disease. For those confronting head and neck cancer, the prospect of losing a portion of the jawbone can be devastating. However, advancements in medical technology, coupled with the expertise of dedicated professionals, are reshaping the narrative of this journey.

At the forefront of this transformative approach is the CRJ Program, a same-day complete rehabilitation procedure that streamlines the reconstruction process, minimizing patient discomfort and optimizing outcomes. Spearheaded by a triumvirate of highly skilled surgeons – Dr. Anastasiya Quimby, Dr. Jeronimo Guzman, and Dr. James Azzi – the CRJ Program epitomizes interdisciplinary collaboration at its finest.

What is Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Jaw (CRJ)?

Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Jaw (CRJ) is a same-day complete rehabilitation of jaw defects, a procedure that ensures patients undergo anesthesia only once, rather than three times.

The cornerstone of this innovative procedure lies in its comprehensive nature. Rather than subjecting patients to multiple surgeries and prolonged recovery periods, the CRJ Program condenses the entire reconstruction process into a single, meticulously orchestrated operation, expediting their path to recovery and enhancing overall well-being.

What is the process?

Central to the CRJ Program is the meticulous planning process, which harnesses cutting-edge technology to tailor treatment to each patient's unique anatomy. Through patient-specific virtual surgical planning, the surgical team meticulously maps out the intricate details of the reconstruction, ensuring precision and optimal functional and aesthetic outcomes.

The surgical journey begins with the removal of the tumor or preparation of the jaw defect, expertly executed by Dr. Azzi and Dr. Guzman. Meanwhile, Dr. Quimby embarks on the delicate task of harvesting a segment of the fibula bone, tailored to fit and restore the jaw.

Once the fibula segment is prepared, Dr. Guzman integrates dental implants into the bone, laying the foundation for prosthetic restoration. This step is crucial in restoring not only function but also confidence, enabling patients to eat, speak, and smile with ease.

The final stage of the CRJ Program involves the intricate process of microvascular surgery, where Dr. Quimby and Dr. Azzi work in tandem to reestablish blood flow to the transplanted fibula bone, ensuring optimal healing and long-term success.

Details of the process of Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Jaw typically involves the following steps

All of these steps occur almost simultaneously so that the time under general anesthesia is reduced.

Dedicated to Holistic Healing

What sets the CRJ Program apart is its holistic approach to jaw reconstruction. By addressing both functional and aesthetic concerns in a single surgery, patients emerge from the procedure with their disease treated and their quality of life restored.

Patient testimonial: Meet Terry Wood, whose life solely depended on a feeding tube for almost two years was completely restored by this groundbreaking procedure. Witness the incredible transformation brought about by the Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Jaw Program in his inspiring story.

Good Samaritan Medical Center's Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Jaw Program represents a paradigm shift in the management of complex jaw defects. Through innovative techniques and collaborative expertise, patients can now embark on a journey of restoration and renewal, reclaiming their quality of life with confidence and hope.

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