Nina's OB Story

Jun 6, 2019

Nina, Obstetrics, Good Samaritan Medical Center

Nina Atchanah with husband and babyAfter being admitted into Good Samaritan Medical Center to deliver her first baby, Nina, was slated for a normal, routine delivery in the very same hospital that she herself was born in.

Coming in two weeks earlier than her due date, for what she thought was nothing more than a false alarm, it turned out that she was already in labor and had lost a great deal of fluid. When her plans for a normal birth turned into an emergency c-section that left her son Aydin in the NICU for almost a week, Nina and her husband were both scared and overwhelmed.

You can’t always plan for the sudden and dramatic turns that can take place while delivering your baby, but you should always be able to count on the doctors and medical staff working with you to handle whatever happens. Luckily, Nina and Aydin were surrounded by skilled, experienced doctors and nurses who were able to react quickly to provide them with the care they needed.

While Aydin was in the NICU, Nina and her husband were comforted by the continuous care and oversight provided by Dr. Hadero, the physician who led the care for him, as well as the entire NICU nursing staff. When asked about their experience and the impact the team at Good Sam had on them, Nina shared that “it has remained a bright memory and we continue to brag to our friends and family about our positive experience every time we share our story.” While Aydin’s first couple days of life were a bit scary, he is now a thriving and growing baby boy!

This isn’t the only time Nina has been directly impacted by a team at Good Sam. Nina also raved about the ongoing care and compassion that her mother has been receiving over the past few years while visiting Good Sam’s Breast Cancer Center. Stating that the staff has “always gone out of their way to ensure my mother's comfort and stay vigilant in her care and follow up.”