Oncology Stories

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When Wendy learned she had a very aggressive stage-four breast cancer, she was overwhelmed by fear. How the Breast Center helped her become a survivor.
"Marilyn Scherzer suspected she’d receive a cancer diagnosis one day. “I always knew, in the back of my mind, that it was a possibility that my doctor would one day tell me I have cancer,” Marilyn says. “The day she actually said it… changed my life.” How Marilyn beat breast cancer."
"When I started working in oncology it grounded me because I saw so many different ways of how people struggle through life," says Joel. How he knew he was meant to be a nurse.
That's the first thing James thought when doctors found cancer behind his sternum. Two months later, he's back on the golf course.
Laura Ham didn’t have a history of breast cancer in her family. “Then I got the call from my doctor that would change my life forever," she says. How she fought to beat breast cancer.

Recently retired first grade teacher, Renee Drake, has always stayed on top of her health.  At 69 years old, she makes sure to eat right, exercise, and every year like clockwork, she makes an appointment for her annual mammogram.