As a woman, you may require specialized care or be predisposed to certain diseases and conditions. Menopause and osteoporosis are two of the more common women’s health issues that we treat here at Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles. The most common signs and symptoms associated with menopause are hot flashes, night sweats, irregular periods and loss of libido. Our doctors can offer treatment options that will help you manage your symptoms so that you can continue with your normal activities.

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Health Fact:

51—Is the average age for women to experience menopause.


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After you go through menopause, you are at higher risk of having osteoporosis. Osteoporosis results from a loss of bone mass and from a change in bone structure. Your bones become weaker and thinner as you age, but a doctor can develop a treatment plan to help combat bone loss.

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