You are your brain

Your every thought and every movement is controlled by your brain and central nervous system. Together, they store all the knowledge and experience that makes up who you are. When you experience a stroke or other brain injury, you may experience difficulties, including memory issues and speech impediments. It is critical that you have access to the best care as quickly as possible. Good Samaritan Medical Center is here to help with recovery.

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Treatment for both your mind and body

Almost 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke every year. Nearly 85 percent survive, in large part due to the fast response of doctors at primary stroke centers like ours. 

Unfortunately, a stroke may cause lasting brain trauma that impacts your recovery and reduces the chance of leading a normal life. Although a stroke is one common cause of neurological problems, it’s not the only risk. Your brain can be injured in an accident or compromised due to epilepsy or other medical conditions. Treat both your mind and body with advanced neurological care.

Have a question? Call our Physician Referral Hotline ​at (561) 650-6023 or 1-877-725-0444​ to be put in touch with one of our neurological specialists.

Hear from One of Our Patients Who’s Been There: Meet Renato

While in a meeting as the Human Resources Director for the City of West Palm Beach, Renato Nardoni’s hand started to curl and he was having problems speaking.

“I called my wife and she suspected I was suffering a stroke,” he says.

The good news was that Renato’s wife was close by. She immediately picked him up and drove to the Good Samaritan Medical Center. Fortunately, Good Samaritan, among many things, is a ​Primary ​Stroke ​Center.

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Primary Stroke Center

Being designated a Primary Stroke Center means we are equipped to offer the fastest, most effective stroke care to everyone who comes through our doors. Learn why it matters to your survival.


Neurological problems can be some of the scariest and most destructive, but our staff has made studying and treating them a way of life. Learn more.

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