You’re a human being, not a number on a scale

When we talk about a person’s weight, we are often talking about numbers: pounds, food calories, clothes sizing. But the numbers we don’t talk about are numbers like 9 to 5 (your full-time job), 6 o’clock (a deadline for a big project) or 7:30 (helping your kids with homework). It can be a challenge to reach your weight loss goals. Although we want to help you lose the extra pounds, we believe it’s even more important for you to achieve a better quality of life.

Talk to your doctor about surgical weight loss and see if it is right for you.

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Lose the bad stuff that comes with the weight, too

Depression, high blood pressure and risk of diabetes are some of the most common health issues associated with obesity. Infertility, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis could also complicate your health as well. Surgical weight loss may reduce your weight, but it can also potentially treat these symptoms or future health risks.

“They treated me like a guest”

Chris Vallao, a bariatric patient at Good Samaritan Medical Center, underwent surgical weight loss. “I was severely overweight,” he said. “I was surprised that every staff member made me feel comfortable. They treated me like a guest as opposed to just only a patient. It was a very nice experience.”

Chris discussed the options with his doctor and agreed to receive a vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

“The doctor said it would allow me to lose the most amount of weight in a short period of time,” he says.

The results were immediate. Shortly after the procedure, Chris was able to walk up and down the halls of Good Samaritan Medical Center with the help of a walker.

“Two days later, I was discharged from the hospital, and within a week and a half, I no longer needed any pain medications or walking aid,” he says.

Chris’ quick recovery was immediately followed up with impressive weight loss. In only seven months, he lost a total of 115 pounds. 

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