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Laura's Cancer Story

Laura Ham didn’t have a history of breast cancer in her family. “Then I got the call from my doctor that would change my life forever," she says. How she fought to beat breast cancer.

Marilyn's Cancer Story

"Marilyn Scherzer suspected she’d receive a cancer diagnosis one day. “I always knew, in the back of my mind, that it was a possibility that my doctor would one day tell me I have cancer,” Marilyn says. “The day she actually said it… changed my life.” How Marilyn beat breast cancer."

Wendy's Cancer Story

When Wendy learned she had a very aggressive stage-four breast cancer, she was overwhelmed by fear. How the Breast Center helped her become a survivor.

James's Cancer Story

That's the first thing James thought when doctors found cancer behind his sternum. Two months later, he's back on the golf course.

Joel's Story: Oncology Nurse

"When I started working in oncology it grounded me because I saw so many different ways of how people struggle through life," says Joel. How he knew he was meant to be a nurse.