I am a Past Patient

What do I do now? Information for you after you’ve left the hospital.


Leaving is just the beginning

The true start of your recovery is after you’ve left the hospital. It’ll take time to achieve the best recovery, committing long-term to regular follow-up care and a healthy lifestyle.

Our commitment to you and your health doesn’t stop just because you walked out our hospital doors. We’ve invested in resources and services so you can use them to stay informed about healthy living.

You can get tips for living healthy by signing up for our newsletter. We also have completed online Health Library filled with guides to educate you about what to do and what not to do in managing your condition and overall health. And to make receiving health care less stressful, we have a team in supporting roles to aid you in navigating billing and insurance claims to make your experience after being treated a little easier.


Keeping you healthy

Our website is full of information that may help you in your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. From our Classes and Events schedules to our online Health Library, our website is a one-stop, get-started shop. Even if you do not need to visit the hospital, we hope you’ll consider using it as your personal home medical guide.


Keep in touch

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Resources for Past Patients