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Volunteer Placement Interview Checklist

You must bring this checklist, along with the required forms, to your placement interview. Volunteers missing required documents will not be placed.

For ALL Volunteers:

  • Provide a copy of one (1) form of identity: Driver’s License, Social security card, valid passport, or birth certificate
  • Signed copy of Volunteer Expectations (will be provided at orientation)
  • Proof of Flu Vaccination (Required November – April)
  • Signed Confidentiality form (will be provided at orientation)
  • Signed Media Consent (will be provided at orientation)
  • Certificate of Completion for HIPPA & Privacy (will be provided at orientation)
  • Release of Background Check (will be provided at interview)
  • Certificate of Completion for Good Samaritan Volunteer Orientation (will be provided at orientation)

Supplemental Forms (for Pet Therapy Volunteers ONLY):

  • Copy of Dog’s Therapy Certification
  • Copy of Dog’s immunization records 

Print Name: _____________________________________________

Name of Volunteer: _______________________________________

Relationship to Volunteer: _________________________________

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