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Quality images and skilled, experienced physicians and staff to interpret them are cornerstones of excellent medical care. Imaging is a rapidly growing field of medicine that helps patients in new ways each day. New technologies may result in more accurate, earlier diagnoses and less invasive procedures. Good Samaritan Medical Center offers a range of advanced imaging including digital mammography, osteoporosis screening, PET scans and more.

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From scheduling through follow-up, patient ease and convenience are priorities. Our newly renovated Outpatient Center is well designed, and our team of professionals is dedicated to keeping patients informed and comfortable.

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Radiology and the Comprehensive Breast Center are within the hospital, and the Victor W. Farris Diagnostic Center is located on the hospital campus.

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440 N. State Road 7, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

3713 S. Congress Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33461

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Angiography - This specially designed Xray uses contrast dye to take images of blood vessels and organs. Types of angiography include coronary, peripheral and hepatic.

Barium Swallow - An Xray that helps diagnose swallowing or gastrointestinal problems. Patients swallow a barium solution to make abnormalities more visible on the Xray.

Bone Density Screening - A low-energy Xray that helps diagnose osteoporosis. Scans of the lower back, hip, or forearm measure the amount of calcium in bones.

Breast Biopsy (Stereotactic) - This procedure uses Xrays to find breast tissue to be removed for study under a microscope. It may prevent the need for an open, surgical biopsy.

Digital Mammography - An advanced technology, digital mammograms have proven more effective in screening women over 50 and those with dense breasts. Digital mammograms also are more portable and easily transmitted.

Mammography - Xrays of the breast are important tools to detect breast cancer as early as possible.

CT Scans - Computed tomography combines Xrays and computer scans. The result is a detailed picture that can show problems with soft tissues, organs and bones.

Fluoroscopy - An Xray that obtains real-time images of the body's internal structures. In its simplest form, a fluoroscope consists of an Xray source and fluorescent screen.

General X-rays - An Xray uses a small amount of radiation to create images of bones and organs.

Interventional Radiology - A radiology subspecialty in which minimally invasive procedures are performed using image guidance to diagnose or treat illness.

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging provides detailed pictures of the inside of the body using strong magnets and radio waves.

Breast MRI - This test offers valuable information about conditions that cannot be obtained by other imaging modalities such as mammography or ultrasound.

Nuclear Medicine - A nuclear medicine scan uses a small amount of radioactive material and a special camera to create pictures of organs and bones.

Ultrasound - An imaging test that uses sound waves to form pictures of the body's interior.

PET Scan - Positron Emission Tomography examines organs and body tissues such as brain and lymph nodes. Rather than showing the structure of a body part, PET images show its chemical function and changes in how it works.

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